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The details of our program are as follows:

Our program is a two tier affiliate program, meaning that when you make a sale, you get paid a commission (40%), and when an affiliate you brought into our program makes a sale, you also get paid on it (10%). The number of second tier affiliates you can have is LIMITLESS! We offer “LIFETIME cookies”, which means that you will be able to generate cash from your referrals forever!


Our product sells for $197.00, so for every sale you make, you will be paid $80.00!

For every sale one of your referred affiliates makes, you make $20.00!
If you were able to sell just 100 Ebooks, your commission would be $8,000.00
If just 1 of your referred affiliates sold the same, you would make an additional $2000.00, for a total of $10,000.00! Imagine if you sold 500, or 1,000 copies! This is all possible online. Imagine if you had 100 affiliates referred by you!
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Our affiliate program is set up through the following website:, and provides our affiliates with a secure log-in to their account to check their impressions, click through rates, and commissions earned. This is a first class affiliate system, no guessing or wondering how you are doing, you have access to see all your progress and click throughs, everything is visible to you!
All commissions are paid out via Paypal every 15 days , with $25 being the minimum required for a payout. Each affiliate is provided with their own unique link, and access to many high quality marketing materials. The “cookies” for your affiliate link last forever, so your commission checks will come as long as the buyers keep buying.
Our affiliate program is different than all the others , because we provide many high quality marketing materials to our affiliates, we keep the marketing materials fresh, and we give you the ability to track the effectiveness of each piece of marketing material we provide. We supply you with many, MANY ways for you to advertise your affiliate link, many of them FOR FREE! We also provide each and every affiliate with continued support setting up their account, getting started, and making the most of the program. We want every affiliate to make a ton of money, so we stay with them the whole way to make sure they are achieving their goals. We put out an affiliate newsletter that lets affiliates know how they are doing, how other affiliates are doing, and what is working. As an affiliate, you will receive our affiliate training ebook for free (a $25 value) to answer all of your questions and show you where the money is as an online affiliate!
We firmly believe that you will make more money with our program than with any other online, simply because we are dedicated to your success. When you succeed, so do we!
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**While there are many ways to promote your affiliate link online, there are also MANY ways that you are absolutely not allowed to promote your link…those include, but are not limited to: SPAMMING in any way. Spamming is sending people unwanted or unsolicited communications. This means emailing, private messaging, forum abuse, and posting the same ads or links over and over on any website. These are simply unacceptable, and if you are reported to us for spamming, we will terminate your affiliate account with us (you will be paid out of course).
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