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FIRST, I want to explain a few things about video marketing that make it SO powerful and EFFECTIVE for making sales.  With video marketing, the viewer actually gets to SEE the creator of the product, or the owner of the business!  They are able to feel more comfortable when they see and hear the product or affiliate program being explained by the owner himself, and that leads to higher “conversion rates”. 

Conversion rates are the number of people who are “converted” from viewers into customers or second tier affiliates for YOU!
Another important factor that makes video marketing so effective is that MOST people would rather watch a video that explains a product than they would read about it.  It is much easier and more entertaining to watch a video than it is to read text, so it is much easier to get people to do so!
By using these videos we have provided for you here, you WILL be able to make more sales, EASIER!  That leads to increased income for both you and I, so PLEASE take advantage of them!

Below you will find EXACT instructions on how to download our videos, AND how to upload them to the many popular locations online that will help you make more sales!  By making these videos available to my affiliates as file downloads, you guys will be able to upload them to all the sites and they will appear as YOUR videos, uploaded by YOU.  That way, each of you can alter the keywords, tags, and video titles and descriptions on your own if you like!

After the instructional videos section below here, you will find a VERY IMPORTANT section on all the considerations that WILL help you get “your” videos viewed more, and in better ranking on those sites where you post them.  PLEASE take a few minutes to READ that section…IT WILL HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!  NOW, here are the important videos that will JUMPSTART your video marketing!

DOWNLOAD - this simply means to take a file off a website, and store it on your computer.

UPLOAD - this simply means to take that stored file from your computer, and put it onto a website.

First, watch this short video that explains step by step HOW TO download our videos to YOUR computer, CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!

Next, we created some videos that show you step by step HOW TO upload our videos from your computer, to MANY of the popular locations!  Just click on ANY of the links below for those videos!

For uploading a video to Myspace CLICK HERE:
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For uploading a video to Facebook CLICK HERE:
For uploading a video to a Blogging CLICK HERE:
For Affiliate Q & A and Reports CLICK HERE:


KEYWORDS - keywords are the actual words or terms that people enter into a search bar when they are looking for something online.   That search bar could be on Google, on Youtube, or any other website where people go to search for things.  Keywords are important because if you want people to find your website or video, you HAVE TO use keywords that are most relevant to the topic of the video.   For example, when a person is searching for a plumber, they would most likely type the keyword “plumber” into Google to find what they are looking for.   If you are a plumber, and you use that keyword (plumber) to describe your video or website, chances are customers will find you.  BUT, if you used the keywords “water supply technician”, it is highly unlikely that your potential customers will be able to find you!

So, when it comes to keywords, you MUST use the best keywords to describe our product and videos if you want INTERESTED people to find them!  To get a good list of keywords to use, you can log into our affiliate back office using your log in information, and in the “email” section of the affiliate “resources and tools”  you will find a list of common search terms and keywords that will help you get started.

Now that you know a little about why keywords are so important, let me tell you a few tricks to get your videos viewed and ranked higher in the search results for the keywords you select!

First, searches conducted on any search engine (whether it be on a website search bar, or an actual search engine search), the results are given in order of relevance.  Each search engine has different means of determining what type of result is the most relevant, BUT there are things you CAN do to try and make your video appear MOST relevant, and hopefully get your video to the top of the search results for the keyword you choose!

FIRST, you must choose 1-3 keywords that you want to use in conjunction with the video you are posting.

NEXT, you would use those keywords in the title of your video when you upload it to the site or location you choose.  For example, if you chose the keywords “Internet Marketing” and “work from home”, you may title your video “Internet Marketing can BOOST your work from home income” (just an example)…  but notice that I have worked the keywords into the video title.  That’s important!  Whatever your keywords are, just try to use them in the title of the video when you upload it!

THEN, when the website you are posting the video to asks you for “tags”, or a video description, you would use those keywords again, numerous times in a natural way in the tags and description.  “Natural” way means that you DON’T, DON’T put Internet marketing, Internet marketing, internet marketing, internet marketing…..the search engine will KNOW that you are trying to get higher ratings, and the OPPOSITE will happen (they will crap on you:) 

The following shows the NATURAL use of your keywords as a video description: “Internet marketing” can help you boost your “work from home” income.  “Marketing” on the Internet has become very popular recently, because it has helped many “work from home” business people market and promote them selves online. 

One thing that you may have noticed in that sample video description is that I put quotation marks on the keywords:)  THAT will help you get your videos ranked higher in the search results, because you are “specifying” the keywords in quotations…when people search those terms, it appears to the search engines that your document or video directly pertains to those keywords!  Don’t tell anybody else the trick, or you will make it hard for yourself to get the ratings and placement you want!:)

That about covers the important topics when it comes to video marketing, so NOW go download my videos to your computer, and start USING THEM to put money in your pocket!  IF you have any questions about how any of this works, PLEASE contact us via email with your questions:

If you would like EVEN MORE information on MASTERING video marketing techniques, you can always use your affiliate link to purchase “The Youtube Marketing Course” and SAVE 40% off the regular price!

THANKS you guys!

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